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PEAK Pool n Spa Inspections & Certifications

Ensuring adherence to the compulsory pool barrier inspection norms, we facilitate the thorough maintenance of all pre-existing swimming pools and spas across Victoria. Receive an on-the-spot certificate if your pool/spa barrier aligns with Victoria's pool fencing regulations.
Adhering to Victorian Regulations, we affirm that pools must embody safety and restrict access consistently, not just sporadically. The consistent way to affirm 24/7 Pool Safety is through the establishment of durable pool fencing.
Although each Australian state formulates its own regulations, the foundational principles largely echo each other. The pool fencing regulations in Victoria are formulated on similar safety precepts, applicable across all Victorian towns and cities, inclusive of Melbourne.
Our Partnership Network We, at PEAK Pool n Spa Inspections, are Victoria’s premier pool inspection entity. Our qualification extends to performing pool inspections throughout Victoria, covering both existing and new pool fencing related to:

Why Choose PEAK Pool n Spa Inspections?

- Swift Report Compilation – Expect detailed reports within 24 hours.
- Express Form 23 Approvals – Accelerated pool certificate approvals.
- Legally Compliant & Insured – Our inspectors are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
- Transparent, Comprehensible Reports – No jargon, just clear facts.
- Approachable, Expert Staff – Always ready to assist and advise.
- Visually Clear Reports – Large, discernible photographs included in reports for clarity.
- Unparalleled Customer Service – We prioritize your satisfaction.

VBA Checklist

The VBA's pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklists are available for:
- Checklist 1 (for installations before 8 April 1991)
- Checklist 2 (between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010)
- Checklist 3 (from 1 May 2010 onward)If modifications to an existing safety barrier are being made, a permit might be required. Any alteration will need to align with the current Regulations.

Frequently Encountered Queries

Can the boundary fence serve as a part of the barrier? Absolutely, the fresh guidelines establish the boundary barrier height at 1.8 metres.

Can an above-ground pool function as a part of my barrier? Indeed, as per AS 1926.1-2012, this is permissible. An application assessment and a building permit issuance by a Building Surveyor are prerequisites.

Is a building permit a necessity for a swimming pool barrier? Yes, a building permit must be issued and subsequently passed by a Building Inspector.

Does my spa lid qualify as part of the barrier? No, a separate barrier is mandatory, which needs to be inspected independently.

Do all powder-coated pool fence panels comply? Regrettably, not all powder-coated fences adhere to identical premium manufacturing standards. A quick test of squeezing two vertical members together to check rigidity can be performed. If gaps of more than 100mm can be created, they might not be up to the requisite manufacturing norms.

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Valuing a Decade of Expertise in Pool Barrier Auditing

Working alongside Local Governments to assure pool barrier compliance and safety.

Safety First with PEAK Pool Inspections in Brighton

Ensure the safety of your loved ones by entrusting the vigilant team at PEAK Pool n Spa Inspections with ensuring that your pool's access and security are top-notch. As a Building Inspector registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), we serve individuals across the entirety of Melbourne and its outskirts with our meticulous inspections and tailored improvement suggestions.
With over a decade of detailed, varied experience, we're trusted for our contemporary, systematic, and reputed pool inspections, ensuring your pool's compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.
At PEAK Pool n Spa Inspections, we're committed to thwarting accidents around the pool. Post-inspection, we'll equip you with a list of implementable recommendations to amplify your pool environment's safety. To secure one of our acclaimed pool inspections, reach out to us at 1800 431 216.

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We’re dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are safeguarded by ensuring your pool or spa is compliant.

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